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6 Ways To Make Learning Last

Think of the kind of person you were 10 years ago. 5 years ago. Even a short amount of time like this day last year. Odds are you were a different kind of person in some ways, being involved in different projects.

To take on the challenges we face each day we recreate ourselves through learning. We educate ourselves on what we need to in order to complete our work.

Thing is, as time moves forward, so do the problems we face. We run the risk of forgetting things that were once imperative. Things that may be useful to have knowledge of later.

Learning is a strange thing. So often its main use is to make us useful for our current situation, even if that means learning to forget other things that get in the way.

Here are 6 ways, though, to make the important things last.

Change Your Habits By Changing Your Environment

Look around you. Is the room you are in, the objects within it, the temperature, the people, making you a better person? If not, don’t waste energy on trying to change yourself and fighting against the current. Simply change the room and you’ll find yourself changing accordingly.

Stop Trying To Control And Let Learning Mature

I first noticed my obsession with self improvement in a college cafeteria. While training for an upcoming track meet, I was bound and determined to eat enough each night to recover from my grueling workouts. I mentioned to a friend of mine that I like to eat a small salad before the main course because I noticed I can eat more if I do so, kind of like warming my stomach up for the main workout.

He burst out laughing, no doubt amused by me not only being the kind of person to pay close enough attention to these details, but to also be treating it like a science.

I imagine that to many of those seeking self improvement this story doesn’t seem so far-fetched, because the ability to improve takes both self awareness and self control.

Stop Doing These 10 Things That Hold Back Your Learning

All of us have our vices. Some of us like to eat that bag of donuts right after a workout while others stay up late watching reruns of TV shows.

Not a single one of us is perfectly efficient one hundred percent of the time, and we shouldn’t be either. It is useful though to get rid of some of those activities or habits that tend to hamstring us when we want to get better at something.

Here at 10 of those actions that keep us from reaching our learning potential.

It’s Time To Stop Looking For Motivation Online And Try This Instead

I’m going to be honest here for a moment. I despise seeing all these motivational images online anymore. Every time I see some random person posting a motivational picture, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or in an online forum, I just cringe. It hurts me to have to look at these things.

Sure, there are some cool pictures out there that make you want to jump out of your seat and take on the world, but the market is flooded, so to speak, and the relative value of each item has dwindled.

Maybe it’s just that they are everywhere. People are looking for motivation to do just about anything from making money to lose weight. The current trend is to be great at all sorts of things, so these pictures speak to that desire.

Being motivated is important, don’t get me wrong, but I’m going to talk about how we do it all wrong.