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Improve Your Thinking By Cultivating Better Suggestions

Put a fool and an expert in separate rooms. Give them each the same problem. The fool, sure of himself, supplies an answer immediately. As does the expert.

However, we all the know the expert’s answer is much more likely to be correct.

Several years ago I asked myself this question: How does the expert differ from the fool? What does he/she possess that makes him/her much more able to tackle tough problems? The answer is “A lot of things,” but it boils down to something small and simple (but not easy): The power of self-suggestion.

7 Lessons In Leadership From Leadership Experts

This past spring I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a 3 day summit on leadership at the Kansas Leadership Center in Wichita, KS. The KLC was founded and funded to help improve Kansas communities by educating its citizens on the core tenets of leadership.

This education attempts to give the know-how and desire to fix complicated community problems beyond the scope of any single expert by utilizing the strengths of its members.

I will share with you some of the most important lessons I learned and thoughts I had from this experience and recommend you to look into something like this yourself, as you no doubt will have your own lessons to learn.

Want To Live Meaningfully? Focus On Experience

Living a meaningful and happy life seems like a lifelong struggle. Not only is it hard to define (What is happiness? When can we say we have become “happy?” Is it a constant state or a fleeting moment?) but once we have even the tiniest hint of what direction we should follow, the road there seems treacherous and very “unhappy-like.”

How can we take the reigns on the subject and really dig into what it means to live meaningfully?

By focusing on the medium by which we live: Experience.

6 Silly Reasons You Aren’t Improving (At Whatever You’re Doing)

Focusing on the big aspects of self improvement tends to work…most of the time. We take care of the big pieces of the puzzle and the smaller ones seem to fall into place.

But sometimes there is the one stubborn piece (or eight) that we just try to ignore and hope it either goes away or magically fits itself somewhere to make the picture work. These are those silly pieces, the ones we need to pay attention to and can really throw a wrench into our personal development.

Your Most Important Asset: Authenticity

Let’s face it, the inter-connectivity of the world has us constantly wondering about our “internet profile.” What do people see when they find us online, whether it be Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, or that very obscure Russian dating site ComradeForLife.com that you were desperate to try after a few bad dates?

This has us stressed, desperately trying to create a persona for the people to see.

This is the true me! You triumphantly proclaim. I’m just this down to earth guy/gal that has all sorts of interests and is sometimes a little crazy!

This all may be true, even annoyingly so, but so many times we are caught chasing our tails, putting up pictures, posts, images, etc, and editing everything to our liking that we don’t realize that if we were to just stop, we could actually be focusing on the kinds of activities that result in wholesome self knowledge and which to lead to more genuine living.