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Consciousness Is A Skill. An Improvable One, And Here’s How You Do It.

The wild and wacky world of the mind is getting peeled apart, layer by layer, by neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, and philosophy. The ability to be aware of ourselves and the world we live in is one of the most interesting and most important areas of the mind currently being focused on.

What it means to be conscious individuals matters greatly. Awareness is, as I’ve argued, one of the foundations holding up moral character and responsibility. It is of utmost importance we cut our way through the jungle that is the study of mind and get to the good treasure.

One of the treasures of consciousness is its ability to be improved as a skill, and here’s how it works.

Who Cares About Goals Anyways?

Goals are a hot topic. From athletes to business-folk, talk about goals is a main focus. Much ado is made about setting them and going after. We hear over and over about how the best are always goal-setters, and we should be too if we hope to achieve great things.

Really, though, why do we and why should we care about goals?