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4 Challenges All Passionate Learners Must Endure

If you are on this website it means something special. That you, like me, very much enjoy learning. Learning about physics. Learning about the mind. Learning about anything, really. It is this passion that drives us onto new projects and ultimately towards a level of living that includes a plethora of enriched experiences.

However, this path has its own special hurdles, challenges, that we face on a daily basis. Problem areas that can make continuous learning difficult.

So here are four of those challenges and how to handle them with joyous determination.

No More Resolutions, Use New Year’s to “Re-Orient”

If you’re like a lot of New Year’s Resolutioners, by now you will probably have stalled, set aside, or just plain given up on your dream of becoming a new you.

This may be the first time this has happened for you, or the 15th of a long, long streak. The hard truth is that you need to re-think the New Year’s craze and actually do something that will have a lasting effect on your life.